Executive Team

At ACP, maintaining a high standard of excellence is our priority. From our on-site cleaning crews to our customer service representatives, each team member helps us achieve this standard. We are backed by veteran leadership that is committed to exceptional service. The entire team is accessible, responsive, dedicated, and trustworthy. 

  • Miguel Suarez
    President & CEO

Our management approach is operationally driven and focused on ensuring and measuring quality services with emphasis on the supervisory hierarchy for the management oversight of our client operations 

What differentiates ACP from our competition is our companywide active participation. Every level of the ACP team will have input and actions associated with your company.  You will see true engagement from ACP and most importantly, ownership and complete accountability of our operations and how they run. We are a very personable organization that builds relationships and partnerships to make our clients’ days easier through high performance and high-quality service delivery.

  • Michael White

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Filomena Homem
    Treasurer & CFO
  • Jesus Ronquillo
    VP of Operations

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